Our Repair Service

Southern Auto Source maintains a fully equipped mechanical repair shop and 2 full time mechanics, each with more that 25 years of experience.  

Before a vehicle rolls out to the sales lot it undergoes a complete mechanical and electrical inspection.  We inspect the engine, transmission, brakes, tires, power windows, door locks, headlights, taillights etc.  In all there are more than 70 items on our checklist.  Anything we find that needs fixing we fix.

Our repair shop is there to support our customers after the sale as well.  We can do virtually any type of repair, from simple tune ups and brake jobs to full engine and transmission swaps.  Many times repairs are covered under warranty.  If not, we have the lowest shop rate in town, and probably the lowest rate in the state!  

Unlike most other dealers, our shop is not a profit center. We keep our prices low in order to keep our customers rolling and happy. Many of our satisfied customers are so pleased with their experience with us that they purchase a second or third vehicle from us.  We are honored when a customer refers us to a friend or family member.

Our goal is to have a healthy relationship with our customers based on trust and quality customer service.

We offer a vehicle purchasing service:

1) Contact us and tell us what vehicle you are looking for: mileage, options, color choices, and price range, and whether or not you have a vehicle to trade in.

2) We go to work and do a detailed search looking for vehicles that fit your criteria.

3) We discuss available options, recent actual sales price data of vehicles matching your criteria, and set your maximum bid.  If you decide to proceed with our service, at this point we take a small, fully refundable deposit.

4) We locate the vehicle using your criteria, then inspect and test drive to ensure it meets our quality standards.  Next we bid on the vehicle on your behalf, taking care to stay below your maximum price, and get all the required documentation in order and prepare the car for delivery.  

5) Pick up the vehicle at our location or we can arrange to have it shipped to you.

* Purchasing service available for vehicles costing $12,000 and above only

Give us a call and let us know what you are looking for:  Office: 706.646.5089

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